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Best vacuum cleaner brands


Trying to wade through the mediocre and just plain rip-off vacuum cleaners out there can be torture. Most of the units you’ll see at the local hardware store probably aren’t up to snuff. What are the best vacuum cleaner brands? There are some stand-outs that will have great performance and have the durability to last for many years and can get our “buy it for life” (BIFL) certification.

So what is the best vacuums cleaner? My favorite vacuum brand is Miele. They have figured it out. Even their relatively inexpensive models do an awesome job with suction and working on many different floor types. Our top pick is the Miele C2 which is an all around workhorse. It is a canister-style vacuum which I still think works best for most people in terms of performance and flexibility. This Miele has a strong motor, great brush support and replacement bags that are easy to find. The Miele Dynamic U1 is a great pick if you’re looking for an upright model but will cost you $100 more. This one would be great for someone with a larger house since it has a whopping 54 foot operating radius. This model is probably your best bet if you have many different styles of carpeting in your home. If you want the Rolls Royce of Miele then look no further than the Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister. This is just about as good as you can get with a canister model. You pay for it, but this model has an amazing design that hides away all of the accessories and a motor that will put pretty much any vacuum to shame. I think Miele is likely in the top if not the top best vacuum cleaner brands around.

Next up we have some Dyson models that are great for unique circumstances. You tend to pay a bit of an unwarranted premium for Dyson vacuums (probably due to their advertising budget) but they are still really great units. The Dyson V8 Animal cordless and it’s beefier big brother the Dyson V8 Absolute cordless are great choices for people that need a very portable option. Both of these stick-style vacuums feature completely wireless operation and a rechargeable docking station. I’d check this out if you have a small apartment or a house with inaccessible areas without access to power.  Hoover makes a more affordable wireless solution with their Hoover Air cordless that will give you the same advantages as the Dysons but with a slight drop in power (but with a much more palatable price tag).

As an alternative to the top tier Mieles, the Panasonic MC-CG937 canister vacuum is an affordable and well-rated unit that features good power and a nice array of nozzle tools.

Dyson comes in again with a couple of their most famous vacuums. These are the guys with that crazy ball design that you see all over TV. The Dyson Ball Multi-Floor and it’s beefier cousin the Dyson DC50 are a more standard style upright choice. For years these have been two of the best rated uprights around. If you don’t mind the futuristic looks, these are awesome choices that are built to last.

And now for the elephant in the room…  The Roomba! If you’re super lazy or just love tech gadgets you might want to check the Roomba 650 out. It won’t do nearly as good of a job as any of the vacuums above, but the fact that it does it while you are away from home makes up for that. The price on these has come down dramatically in the past decade so lazy vacuuming is within your reach! Keep in mind that all Roombas don’t do well when there are a lot of obstacles or different carpets in the room.  And they are loud! Surprisingly loud actually.

And that’s that. The following list contains my favorite vacuum brands out there right now. Miele definitely at the top with Dyson in a close second.

Here are the top ten best vacuum cleaner brands from least expensive to most expensive:

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