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Best of… Everything – The ultimate list of best products

Best of… Everything – The ultimate list of best products

Quality. It's a word that is overused nowadays. Companies are hocking stuff that breaks in a couple months but are somehow allowed to call their stuff quality. It's infuriating. That's why we put together this list of items that are truly worthy of being called quality. These are durable, well-made, built-to-last ...

Top 10 best pocket tools (multi-tools) -58%

Top 10 best pocket tools (multi-tools)

There isn't a more useful item category out there than pocket tools (also known as multi-tools). These small tools contain anywhere from a couple to over 20 different useful tools such as knives, screw drivers, scissors, bottle openers and more. The problem is that there are a lot of sub-par products out there. A lot ...

Top 5 best headphone brands of 2016 -26%

Top 5 best headphone brands of 2016

First off, Beats by Dre will not be mentioned in this article. While they make some serviceable headphone models, they are far from the leaders in the industry. But what are the best headphone brands out there? Who makes the best models? And how durable are they? These are the questions we'll help answer, as well as ...

Top 5 best cordless drills

Top 5 best cordless drills

Every household needs a good cordless drill. And it needs to be reliable when you need it. Be it tightening a few screws or doing full-on do-it-yourself projects. The technology has come a long way in the past decade and the power these new breeds of cordless drill can output is formidable, even matching many corded ...

Pocket knife reviews: The top ten best pocket knives -39%

Pocket knife reviews: The top ten best pocket knives

For all of you EDC'ers (everyday carry) and normal folks that need a good reliable pocket knife at work or around the house: this post is for you. What is the very best pocket knife you can buy? That's a bit of a hard one to answer. It depends on the type, size and materials used in the knife. And of course your ...

Best vacuum cleaner brands -33%

Best vacuum cleaner brands

Trying to wade through the mediocre and just plain rip-off vacuum cleaners out there can be torture. Most of the units you'll see at the local hardware store probably aren't up to snuff. What are the best vacuum cleaner brands? There are some stand-outs that will have great performance and have the durability to last ...

Best quality coffee makers -47%

Best quality coffee makers

Coffee makers are one item that can drive you nuts. You'll buy one and it will die in the next 6 months. They just aren't made like those old percolators from the 1930's anymore. But if you look hard enough there are still some really great coffee makers that are both very durable and make a great cup of joe. In this ...

The top 5 most durable pants -20%

The top 5 most durable pants

I can't count how many pairs of pants I have gone through in just the past couple years. For those of you that are in the trades or just generally are on a search for the most durable (yet not ridiculous-looking) pants, we have brought you our picks for the top 5 most durable pants. We would argue that these are the ...

Best quality backpacks -18%

Best quality backpacks

If you're in the market for a new backpack there are some really solid options out there right now. The best quality backpacks are from a handful of companies that really prioritize quality craftsmanship as well as stand by their product with a good warranty. My top pick would be any Osprey backpack. The Osprey ...

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