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On the search for the best BIFL clothing out there? Well, we have brought together what we think are the most durable and reliable pieces of clothing that are absolutely “buy it for life” certified. From merino wool sweaters to the actual glasses brand that Don Draper wore in Mad Men (Randolph Engineering), these are the clothing items that you’re going to pass on to your kids someday. We even have pulled out our favorite belts and socks!

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Arcteryx Beta SL Jacket

Arcteryx Beta SL Jacket

Rain jackets are a must in a lot of areas of the world. So if you live in one of those or travel a lot you're going to want to invest in a good rain jacket. And in the world of rain jackets Arcteryx is the top of the line. Those who buy them swear by them. The Arcteryx Beta SL Jacket, made in the USA, features a full ...

Citizen BJ7000-52E Nighthawk Eco-Drive watch -25%

Citizen BJ7000-52E Nighthawk Eco-Drive watch

In the market for a buy it for life (BIFL) durable watch? Citizen is one of the best manufacturers of durable lasting watches. The Citizen BJ7000-52E Nighthawk Eco-Drive watch is one that is mentioned a lot by watch enthusiasts due to the Eco Drive functionality and it's reputation for lasting many years. Featuring a ...

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Randolph Engineering aviator (sunglasses from Mad Men)

Randolph Engineering aviator (sunglasses from Mad Men)

It's time for some Buy it for life (BIFL) sunglasses. Remember Top Gun? No, not the strange shirtless volleyball scene. Remember how awesome their sunglasses were? Well, the US military has been sourcing all of their sunglasses from Randolph Engineering since 1982. They are also standard issue for NASA pilots. These ...

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Carhartt Traditional Coat C26

Carhartt Traditional Coat C26

Want a jacket that will last?  Look no further than the Carhartt Traditional Coat C26. Carhatt's name is synonymous with quality craftsmanship and this jacket is no exception. It uses heavyweight 12 ounce cotton to produce a coat that is both fashionable but also ready for the work site. Arctic polyester insulation ...

Icebreaker 100% merino wool t-shirt -32%

Icebreaker 100% merino wool t-shirt

Merino wool clothing is a tried and true durable fabric that is both light and quick-drying while still breathable in hot weather and warm in cooler weather. Sourced from the Merino sheep, this fabric is one of the best you can buy for durability and comfort.  This Icebreaker 100% merino wool t-shirt is no exception. ...

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The top 5 most durable pants -20%

The top 5 most durable pants

I can't count how many pairs of pants I have gone through in just the past couple years. For those of you that are in the trades or just generally are on a search for the most durable (yet not ridiculous-looking) pants, we have brought you our picks for the top 5 most durable pants. We would argue that these are the ...

Canada Goose parka

Canada Goose parka

If you're in a place that gets cold in the winter then you're going to want to listen up. While Canada Goose has become just a tad trendy in the past few years, that doesn't change the fact that they make a damn fine product. The Canada Goose parka (Expedition model) was actually designed for scientists that were ...

Orion leather belt

Orion leather belt

I've gone through a number of cheap belts over the years. This Orion leather belt has been heralded as a true "buy it for life" (BIFL) contender. It's the attention to detail in the leather construction that set this apart from those cheap Chinese knock-offs.Hand-crafted in the United States, this belt features ...

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Levis 511 jeans -32%

Levis 511 jeans

Believe it or not, Levis 511 jeans are actually some of the best all around pants you can buy. They are relatively cheap but they stand up to almost anything. I have traveled all around the world in a single pair and they are still in amazing shape. In fact, they have gotten more comfortable over time. They also look ...

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Darn Tough socks -5%

Darn Tough socks

Socks? Really? Well, you do wear them everyday... The truth is that most socks are terribly made and blow out very quickly. They are also usually made from inferior fabrics that don't tend to last and don't perform well. Darn Tough socks on the other hand are made from 60% merino wool which makes them both super ...

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