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Check out our picks for the best BIFL shoes and boots available If you’re anything like me, you’re sick of wearing out shoes and boots on an almost yearly basis. Our picks use quality production methods and materials like leather and Goodyear welts so the shoe or boot can stay together for longer. And many of our recommendation, like White’s Boots, are actually fully repairable so you can replace the sole after several years. It’s time to put a bit of money into some shoes or boots that will actually last.

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Rainbow Sandals Men’s Double Layer Leather Sandal

Rainbow Sandals Men’s Double Layer Leather Sandal

It's that time of year again! Break out the shorts and sandals for beach season. And if you're looking for hands down the most durable and well-made pair of sandals, you're in luck. These Rainbow Sandals Men's Double Layer Leather Sandal are hand made using the best leather and rubber souls. 2000 test nylon webbing ...

Best seller
Danner Men’s Explorer Outdoor Boot -20%

Danner Men’s Explorer Outdoor Boot

These are without a doubt in the top 5 best outdoor general use boots available and are absolutely BIFL outdoor boots. The Danner Explorer boots are waterproof and use some of the most rigorous construction methods in the footwear industry including: Vibram soles, full grain leather, a fibreglass stability shank, and ...

$303.96 $380.00 CHECK IT OUT
White’s Boots Americana Semi-Dress boot

White’s Boots Americana Semi-Dress boot

White's boots is the pinnacle of the best men's boots brands. If you want a serious pair of boots that would be the envy of the construction crowd and the fashion crowd, then White's Boots have you covered. The White’s Boots Americana Semi-Dress boot is an amazing piece of footwear construction. Completely ...

Buy This Once highlights durable, reliable and high quality products built to last. We curate all of the best "buy it for life" products available. We strive to end wastefulness and to reward businesses that value quality over quantity.

Editor choice
Danner Men’s Radical 452 GTX Outdoor Boot -41%

Danner Men’s Radical 452 GTX Outdoor Boot

There are a lot of "fake" quality boots out there. What I mean is that there a lot of durable looking boots that are actually crap. They use glue-on soles and will likely not even last a couple years under normal wear and tear. That's why the Danner Men's Radical 452 GTX Outdoor Boot is a real breath of fresh air. ...

$100.00 $169.95 CHECK IT OUT
The 10 best men’s boots -20%

The 10 best men’s boots

Boots are the one item that people complain about the most in terms of durability. There are some of us that are just naturally boot destroying monsters that can tear through even a decent boot in under a year. Separated soles, ripped fabric, warn-out laces, damaged leather... The list goes on and on. For most it's ...

Darn Tough socks -5%

Darn Tough socks

Socks? Really? Well, you do wear them everyday... The truth is that most socks are terribly made and blow out very quickly. They are also usually made from inferior fabrics that don't tend to last and don't perform well. Darn Tough socks on the other hand are made from 60% merino wool which makes them both super ...

$18.95 $19.00 CHECK IT OUT
Editor choice
Red Wing boots

Red Wing boots

Sick of having your boots fall apart after a couple years? Enter Red Wing boots. And these are tanks. And aren't too shabby to look at either. Good for casual, work and travel, these suckers are triple stitched with wax thread making them truly built to last and very worthy of the "Buy it for Life" (BIFL) moniker. ...

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