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We have done a lot of research to bring together these amazing BIFL kitchen items. Kitchen stuff goes through and absolute beating over the years so you’re going to want to make sure that you are buying the best. From Blendtec blenders that can actually blend an iPhone to a BIFL can opener that is only $8, we have every angle covered. We love our Kitchenaid stand mixer as our tried and true crock pot!

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Zojirushi thermos mug -25%

Zojirushi thermos mug

This Zojirushi thermos mug is consistently mentioned by buy it for life (BIFL) enthusiasts as one of the best thermoses money can buy. It has a lock on the lid so your curry soup doesn't spill in your briefcase before that big sales meeting... Also, with a 5 year warranty on heat retention you're covered....

$33.50 $44.99 CHECK IT OUT
Editor choice
Trangia camping stove -18%

Trangia camping stove

Sometimes buy it for life (BIFL) means going back to basics. The more moving parts or complicated mechanisms the more likely something is to break. That is why people still pass down Trangia camping stoves to theirs kids that was built in the 1940's and 1950's.These things last because of one principle: they are ...

$109.97 $133.99 CHECK IT OUT
Blendtec blender -31%

Blendtec blender

Okay, so Blenders aren't necessarily the sexiest of items. But if you get a good one you'd be surprised at how awesome they can be. The Blendtec Designer Series blender brings some serious horsepower to the... mix (sorry). After all, these are the guys that drop iPhones, iPads and god knows what else to see "If it ...

$454.95 $659.00 CHECK IT OUT
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