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Check out our picks for the most durable BIFL office products. Since you spend so much of your life at work, we thought you’d want to be using quality, durable products. From a kick-ass messenger bag from Timbuk2 to a travel mug that will keep your coffee hot literally all day from Zojirushi.

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Fellowes 99Ci Heavy Duty Paper and Credit Card Shredder -64%

Fellowes 99Ci Heavy Duty Paper and Credit Card Shredder

Look. You screwed up. You didn't shred those hundreds of documents that incriminate you for offshore tax evasion. Next time you're going to want to take care of those pesky pieces of incriminating evidence with the best paper shredder around.  The Fellowes 99Ci 100% Jam Proof Heavy Duty Paper and Credit Card Shredder ...

$209.88 $588.48 CHECK IT OUT
Das Keyboard 4 Professional Clicky -7%

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Clicky

We use keyboards every day of our life. Why not have the best of the best? The Das Keyboard 4 Professional Clicky is the best quality keyboard available right now. By using mechanical Cherry MX Blue key switches this keyboard gives feedback like no other keyboard on the market. An over-sized volume knob and media keys ...

$157.99 $169.00 CHECK IT OUT
Bialetti Moka Express stovetop espresso maker -35%

Bialetti Moka Express stovetop espresso maker

The manual stovetop espresso maker remains one of the best ways to make a cup of espresso. And the good news is that it is inexpensive! Our pick for the best BIFL espresso maker is the Bialetti Moka Express stovetop espresso maker. It has capacity to make 6 x 2 ounce espresso cups and is made in Italy. Made of quality ...

$22.70 $34.99 CHECK IT OUT
Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill (grinder)

Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill (grinder)

There are a lot of coffee drinkers out there that are trying to figure out the best BIFL coffee grinder. This is one category where a manual version will be a better choice than an electric one in the long run. This Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill is imported from Japan and can grind 120g of coffee with its manual ...

Best quality water bottles -25%

Best quality water bottles

What is the best water bottle for general use? Well, we have narrowed it down to a list of 10 of the best quality water bottles that you can buy that are extremely durable and made of high quality materials. This list contains a mix of normal bottles (BPA-free plastics), aluminum bottles and thermos-quality insulated ...

Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag -4%

Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag

If you're into quality bags and need a new messenger bag, this one may last you a decade or longer... The Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag is known for how well you can organize your laptop, pens, books, tasers (you know, whatever). Timbuk2 makes extremely high quality goods with great stitching and attention to detail. ...

$153.71 $159.00 CHECK IT OUT
Editor choice
Kensington Travel Adapter with Dual USB Ports -34%

Kensington Travel Adapter with Dual USB Ports

When I travel I hate having too many little gadgets to deal with. That's why having something like this Kensington Travel Adapter with Dual USB Ports is really handy. Not only does it pack in all of the international plug standards into a compact adapter, but it also includes dual USB ports to simultaneously charge ...

$19.95 $29.99 CHECK IT OUT
Glasslock food-storage containers

Glasslock food-storage containers

Please stop buying semi-reusable food containers from that company that starts with a Z. These things are awful for the environment and are super flimsy. Do yourself a favor and check out these Glasslock food-storage containers.They are made of glass, survive drops easily, are BPA free, don't leak, and look great ...

Best value
Aeropress coffee maker

Aeropress coffee maker

You haven't had your best cup of home brewed coffee unless you've used an Aeropress coffee maker. These are the cream of the crop for coffee presses, and they don't break the bank. Forget those non-environmentally friendly pod brewers that start with a K, all you need is a few minutes to boil some water and some ...

Editor choice
Parker Jotter pen -23%

Parker Jotter pen

Parker is a classic among pens. They have been at it since 1888, making some of the best and most cherished pens for pen collectors. And there's a reason. You can't kill these things. They may run out of ink, but it's not uncommon to find Parker pens in circulation from before World War II, in great condition. The ...

$20.74 $26.09 CHECK IT OUT
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