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We love tools. But we especially love durable BIFL tools. Check out our picks for the best cordless drills, multi-tools, pocket knives and more below. After all, you’re going to be putting these tools through their paces on the job site or around the house.

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Editor choice
Zippo lighter -22%

Zippo lighter

One of the best lighters available is actually one of the simplest. The Zippo lighter is as American as it gets. And the design is genius. Just a wick, lighter fluid and a slint. They work in the wind and are one of the go-to lighters for survivalists and campers. The only drawback is that the lighter fluid will dry ...

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The 5 absolute best flashlights of 2016 -52%

The 5 absolute best flashlights of 2016

Ready to buy a new flashlight? Technology in these things has changed so fast in the past couple years that it is hard to keep up. LED's have brought them into blindingly bright territory and rechargeable battery technology makes sure we can power these things for days (if not weeks or months). Flashlights are one ...

Best seller
Kitchenaid Artisan stand mixer

Kitchenaid Artisan stand mixer

If you need a stand mixer, the Kitchenaid Artisan stand mixer is your best bet by far. Consistently we see this mixer rated #1 and for good reason. Featuring a beautiful retro design, 10 speeds, a 325W motor, a 5 quart stainless steel bowl and a bevy of useful attachments, this mixer absolutely kills it. There are ...

Best price
Ez-Duz-It can opener -27%

Ez-Duz-It can opener

It doesn't get any simpler than this. The Ez-Duz-It can opener is that same old design from the 1950's. But if it ain't broke why fix it? That is entirely the case with this made in the USA can opener. These have been reported to last decades (they used to be called Swing-Away can openers). Do your hands a favor and ...

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Estwing E3-16C hammer -39%

Estwing E3-16C hammer

Hammers are one tool that can indeed last a lifetime. But that doesn't make them all awesome. A 16 ounce hammer is probably the best for anyone's around the house needs and it should have a good claw on it for pulling nails. The Estwing E3-16C hammer is just the item to fill you toolbox. Excellent weight and balance ...

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Wusthof knife set

Wusthof knife set

You'd be surprised how terrible a normal knife set is. Once you try a decent set like this fantastic Wusthof knife set you'll understand. This company has been making knives since 1814. Check out the review below of a guy that just recently replaced with Wusthofs after fourty years! The key to a great knife is buying ...

Editor choice
Fenix PD35 flashlight

Fenix PD35 flashlight

Have you ever heard of Fenix? The Fenix PD35 flashlight is the follow-up to one of the best consumer flashlights available. The PD35 uses an ultra bright 1000 lumen Cree LED which can shine for up to 656 feet. This is actually pretty ridiculous if you see what 1000 lumens looks like in real life. The "tactical" mode ...

Nalgene water bottle -31%

Nalgene water bottle

Everyone needs to drink more water. Scratch that, everyone needs to drink more water that doesn't slowly kill you by leaching endocrine disruptors into your body... Sorry for the Debbie Downer comment.In all seriousness, get yourself a Nalgene water bottle that is free of hormone ravaging BPA (Bisphenol A) but ...

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Best value
Aeropress coffee maker

Aeropress coffee maker

You haven't had your best cup of home brewed coffee unless you've used an Aeropress coffee maker. These are the cream of the crop for coffee presses, and they don't break the bank. Forget those non-environmentally friendly pod brewers that start with a K, all you need is a few minutes to boil some water and some ...

Editor choice
Parker Jotter pen -23%

Parker Jotter pen

Parker is a classic among pens. They have been at it since 1888, making some of the best and most cherished pens for pen collectors. And there's a reason. You can't kill these things. They may run out of ink, but it's not uncommon to find Parker pens in circulation from before World War II, in great condition. The ...

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