Orion leather belt


I’ve gone through a number of cheap belts over the years. This Orion leather belt has been heralded as a true “buy it for life” (BIFL) contender. It’s the attention to detail in the leather construction that set this apart from those cheap Chinese knock-offs.

Hand-crafted in the United States, this belt features full grained dipped harness leather which is heavily waxed for durability and water resistance. Top this off with a stainless steel roller buckle that would be the envy of any cowboy out there. There are even handy button snaps that allow you to easily replace the buckle if need be.

The biggest difference is that Orion belts are built by hand by people who know how to work leather (and know when there are defects). You’re getting craftsmanship that is almost impossible to find nowadays, especially in the belt category. This one easily earns our buy it for life (BIFL) certification.

This belt is indestructable. It’s the thickest belt I’ve ever owned. It’s dressy enough for the office. It’s rugged enough for the field. If my dad had one of these, I’d probably have been better behaved in my youth. I expect this belt to last 10 years easy. It’s strong and able to meet demanding requirements.
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