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Trangia camping stove

Sometimes buy it for life (BIFL) means going back to basics. The more moving parts or complicated mechanisms the more likely something is to break. That is why people still pass down Trangia camping stoves to theirs kids that was built in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

These things last because of one principle: they are simple. But don’t mistake simple for cheap. The Trangia camping stove uses denatured alcohol (you can get this at any hardware store) in a small burner to heat up the supplied pots and pans. No compressed gas and no complicated burner parts that could fail in the middle of nowhere. I spent weeks looking into what kind of camping cook set to buy and landed on the Trangia because it seems that anyone that buys one is happy. For life.

This is a small Swedish company that prides themselves on craftsmanship. And it shows.

Trangia 27-8 Ultralight Hard Anodized Stove Kit
$109.97 $133.99
Trangia camping stove
I own 5 Trangia burners, 3 of them in Swedish Army mess kits. They all function beautifully, reliably, and cost effectively. You will want to buy a Trangia bottle to store the alcohol in since alcohol will promote corrosion in an un-coated aluminum bottle. The multi-purpose disc is worth the money too for actually cooking and food preparation. Mainly it keeps the frying pan from being scratched when the kit is bundled together. I found it helpful to put a handy wipe around the kettle for the same purpose. If you have never used a Trangia set, check YouTube. These are just great kits made with superb craftsmanship.
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Trangia 27-8 Ultralight Hard Anodized Stove Kit

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