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Wusthof knife set


You’d be surprised how terrible a normal knife set is. Once you try a decent set like this fantastic Wusthof knife set you’ll understand. This company has been making knives since 1814. Check out the review below of a guy that just recently replaced with Wusthofs after fourty years! The key to a great knife is buying what they call “full tang.” ¬†Basically what this means is that the blade actually runs all of the way through the handle and is riveted in place, making it much less likely that the blade with break. Less expensive Chinese-made products usually will not be full tang. These Wusthofs use high-carbon stainless steel which should last a long time. Please note that you should always hand-wash a great set of knives.

We replaced a Wusthof knife set that was over 40 years old. We loved the previous set and decided to upgrade to the Classic. There is nothing not to love about these knives. The very best product.
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