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Best robot vacuum: Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum


Who likes vacuum? Anyone?  Bueller? That’s right, nobody. No matter how you slice it vacuuming is a chore. That is why for over a decade companies like iRobot (makers of the Roomba) have been making automatic robot vacuums. These little suckers automatically clean your house while you are away. Using military technology originally designed for clearing mines, Roombas revolutionized how lazy people clean their homes (count me one of them). But just this year we saw a 500 pound gorilla finally enter the automated vacuum space. That’s right, Dyson has now joined the party, and they did it right. For our money we think the best robot vacuum is the Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum.

Like their full-size vacuums, the Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum utilizes their powerful digital motor technology. And this motor is strong! Rated at over twice the suction power of any other robot vacuum on the market, the Dyson absolutely owns this space. The real innovation here though comes in the 360 degree eye that is conspicuously placed on the top of the vacuum. Through this eye the unit calculates a systematic pattern to clean your room. It literally maps the space and figures out the most efficient way to clean. The unit also has what Dyson calls a Radial Root cyclone system that actually separates dust and dirt and directs them into the right bin in the unit.

The Dyson Link app is something they have included functionality in as well. This allows the user to analyze data on the vacuum’s use as well as schedule cleaning jobs. The actual way the unit moves around the house is also really new. Instead of opting for normal wheels (like every other robot vacuum), the Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum uses tank tracks! This makes it much easier for the unit to easily move between different floor types and to make sure it doesn’t get stuck.

Overall this is by far the most advanced robot vacuum on the market. And the quality offered by Dyson has always been way above most other manufacturers.

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum

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  • Twice the suction of any robot Vacuum* - The Dyson digital motor V2 is small and light to generate powerful suction.
  • The 360 eye vision system can see all around your room at once to intelligently map out and navigate your home. It calculates a systematic cleaning pattern so it knows where it's been and where it's yet to clean.
  • The Dyson link app, available on iOS or android, gives you the ability to control, schedule, and analyze data from your Dyson 360 Eye robot.
  • Radial Root cyclone technologyTM separates dirt and dust, to make sure what is sucked up is kept in the bin.
  • A full-width brush bar provides maximum floor coverage and edge-to-edge cleaning across hard floors and carpets with nylon and carbon fiber bristles.


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  2. My Favorite is Karmin professional robot vacuum

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