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Parker Jotter pen

Parker is a classic among pens. They have been at it since 1888, making some of the best and most cherished pens for pen collectors. And there’s a reason. You can’t kill these things. They may run out of ink, but it’s not uncommon to find Parker pens in circulation from before World War II, in great condition. The Parker Jotter pen is no exception. The mechanism feels just right and the ink flow is as good as anything you can buy right now. We dare you to try to wear one of these out. Buy this for life (BIFL)… or until your boss steals it off your desk.

Parker Jotter Premium Ballpoint, Shiny chiseled Stainless Steel (S0908820)
$20.74 $26.09
Parker Jotter pen
This is the pen. If you are reading this you are already interested based perhaps on the name Parker or even by the sleek look and style. I can tell you that It lives up to both. The pen is slim so it is not bulky in your hand like the horribly expensive, leaky mont blancs. I work in a financial office and this pen is complemented all the time. Writes better than it looks too. Treat yourself and buy it!
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Parker Jotter Premium Ballpoint, Shiny chiseled Stainless Steel (S0908820)

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  • A design classic and a household name, it's fun, practical, and perfect for those who need a pen on the go and love simple yet cool accessories.
  • The ballpoint nib offers exceptional durability and ease, coupled with an iconic clip and streamlined design.
  • Ballpoint pens are convenient for daily use. Parker's Quinkflow technology provides smoother, cleaner, more consistent writing performance.
  • The first pen Parker sold is available in a great variety of colors with a simple long shape.


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