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How many pairs of headphones have I broken over the years?  A lot. That is why I wanted to have a BIFL technology section on this site. There are some amazing products like Sennheiser headphones and Definitive Technology speakers that could literally last you decades if you take care of them. So go ahead and see all of the BIFL headphones and other great products below.

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Best vacuum cleaner brands -33%

Best vacuum cleaner brands

Trying to wade through the mediocre and just plain rip-off vacuum cleaners out there can be torture. Most of the units you'll see at the local hardware store probably aren't up to snuff. What are the best vacuum cleaner brands? There are some stand-outs that will have great performance and have the durability to last ...

Best quality coffee makers -47%

Best quality coffee makers

Coffee makers are one item that can drive you nuts. You'll buy one and it will die in the next 6 months. They just aren't made like those old percolators from the 1930's anymore. But if you look hard enough there are still some really great coffee makers that are both very durable and make a great cup of joe. In this ...

Definitive Technology BP6 Tower Loudspeakers

Definitive Technology BP6 Tower Loudspeakers

Most electronic devices are not considered "buy it for life." But you'll run across a lot of audiophiles and movie junkies that swear by speakers that they bought 20 years ago. Surprisingly not too much has changed in speaker technology since the 1970's so you can absolutely buy a great set of floorstanding speakers ...

Shure SE315 sound isolating earphones (earbuds) -12%

Shure SE315 sound isolating earphones (earbuds)

Earbuds are both the best and worst invention of all time. They allow us to listen to music while on the bus, on a plane or jogging. But they simultaneously fill me with the rage of 1000 gods when they get caught on cupboard doors or get tangled in their own cords while floating around my backpack. Because of the wear ...

$198.00 $225.00 CHECK IT OUT
Editor choice
Sennheiser HD25 headphones

Sennheiser HD25 headphones

If your white iPod headphones just aren't cutting it and you're ready to step into the realm of serious headphones, you can't go wrong with the Sennheiser HD25 headphones. These are very tried and tested closed-back style headphones. By all accounts these are some of the most durable headphones out there.  Not only ...

LG 65EG9600 4K TV -17%

LG 65EG9600 4K TV

Now this is isn't technical a full "buy it for life" (BIFL) purchase since technology changes so quickly on television sets. But if you're in the market for a new set and want to make sure you won't be buying another for a very long time, then this is you best bet. The LG 65EG9600 4K TVis quite simply the best ...

$4,997.00 $5,999.99 CHECK IT OUT
The 5 absolute best flashlights of 2016 -52%

The 5 absolute best flashlights of 2016

Ready to buy a new flashlight? Technology in these things has changed so fast in the past couple years that it is hard to keep up. LED's have brought them into blindingly bright territory and rechargeable battery technology makes sure we can power these things for days (if not weeks or months). Flashlights are one ...

Editor choice
Kensington Travel Adapter with Dual USB Ports -34%

Kensington Travel Adapter with Dual USB Ports

When I travel I hate having too many little gadgets to deal with. That's why having something like this Kensington Travel Adapter with Dual USB Ports is really handy. Not only does it pack in all of the international plug standards into a compact adapter, but it also includes dual USB ports to simultaneously charge ...

$19.95 $29.99 CHECK IT OUT
Oster Jelly Bean toaster

Oster Jelly Bean toaster

Inexpensive and one of the absolute best toasters for getting an even toast on bread and bagels, the Oster Jelly Bean toaster is a no brainer. It uses a nichrome heating element to achieve that super even toast that makes your breakfast just that much more enjoyable. But more than anything, it's simple. Sure there are ...

Editor choice
Fenix PD35 flashlight

Fenix PD35 flashlight

Have you ever heard of Fenix? The Fenix PD35 flashlight is the follow-up to one of the best consumer flashlights available. The PD35 uses an ultra bright 1000 lumen Cree LED which can shine for up to 656 feet. This is actually pretty ridiculous if you see what 1000 lumens looks like in real life. The "tactical" mode ...

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